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David Lee Roth discusses Grunge, Gay, and Van Halen, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0


Roth blamed the grunge scene for turning fans off of his live show, saying, “Two words: Kurt Cobain. I went from playing to 12,000 people to 1,200. From arenas to casinos and state fairs and the local House Of Blues. That will cause you to reflect a lot more clearly on your values. Fun wasn’t seen as fun anymore.”

Roth shed some light on his romantic life after laughing off rumors that he’s been involved in a long-term gay relationship for years. “I’ve lived alone my whole adult life,” he said. “I’ve had girlfriends, I’ve had love affairs. Never longer than a year and a half. I’m the drunk who won the lottery, I’m going to be very difficult to convince of a lot of traditional things. I put off getting married when I found out, oh, you don’t really have to. I just saw somebody discussing this recently, I think Gloria Steinem — same thing as her life story. There’s a lot of us out there.”

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Journey finished making albums, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

from Blabbermouth:

According to The Pulse Of Radio, JOURNEY‘s recording days might be a thing of the past. Due to shifting audiences and the general nature of the music business, keyboardist Jonathan Cain thinks that maybe the band is done releasing new music. JOURNEY‘s last studio album, “Eclipse”, was released in May 2011. The Walmart exclusive debuted on The Billboard 200 album chart at No. 13 — eight spots lower than the band’s previous album, 2008’s “Revelation” — which also went on to hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Independent Albums chart.

Jonathan Cain told The Pulse Of Radio that the pressing need for new JOURNEY music has seemed to fade. “Y’know, we’re not convinced the market will bear another CD from us, y’know?” he said. “And it’s so much work to make one. Y’know, maybe we get a soundtrack shot with a movie. And the last album we made was a departure. It was Neil [Schon‘s] ‘I wanna do one this way once’ — and so we did. Y’know, we did a heavy, rock n’ roll record. And it kinda wasn’t received very well here in the States and they kinda liked it in Europe and that’s kinda what I thought was gonna happen and it barely sold 100,000 [copies].”

Cain went on to explain that after “Eclipse” failed to score with both old fans and new converts, the entire band has had to pause and take stock of where they’re at creatively.

“After all that time and money, y’know, what are we doing here, y’know?” he said. “So, we have a great catalogue here, right now to play. We got a lot of songs that we’re not even playing. So, we’re like, ‘What’s the point of makin’ a new CD right now?’ Y’know, if anything, we’ll make an EP.”

JOURNEY will next appear on Thursday (March 7) with DEEP PURPLE in Perth, Australia.

Coming to theatres on Friday (March 8) in select cities — and available starting Saturday (March 9) on most On Demand services — is “Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey”.

The film chronicles the rags-to-riches story JOURNEY‘s current Steve Perry-sound-alike lead singer, Arnel Pineda, from his poverty stricken days in the Philippines to fronting the band today.

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