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IBM Watson (super Computer) Mondegreens and Rock and Roll!

Mondegreens. I had never heard of that word until I got an email the other day. I had to look it up. It means “a misunderstood or misinterpreted word or phrase resulting from a mishearing of the lyrics of a song.” We all have done that. Hear one thing but think it says another thing. Remember “Blinded by
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Van Halen's 2015 BillBoard performance video!

Love them or hate them but Van Halen has been making killer music since the 70’s with the debut release of “Van Halen” in 1978. With David Lee Roth’s vocals, Eddie Van Halen’s guitar gymnastics, Alex Van Halen’s signature drum sound and Michael Anthony’s amazing back up vocals and bass playing, they have been a
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YAHOO News...Smooth Move Really?

Yahoo News posts that Van Halen is embarking on a huge tour this year and they use Sammy Hagar’s photograph on the article! Sammy hasn’t been in the band for 15 years! Come on YAHOO News, who does your music columns, clueless kids? I screenshot it since someone will get the hint after reading all
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Listen to two Live Van Halen tracks here!

From the VHND: Listen to “I’M THE ONE” From Van Halen’s Live Album! | Van Halen News Desk [hmtad name=”Adsense Unit 1″ align=”left”]Van Halen is releasing its first-ever live album to feature original singer David Lee Roth. Recorded on June 21, 2013 at the famed Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan, TOKYO DOME LIVE IN CONCERT includes 23
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OMG! :( David Lee Roth is now BALD...End of an Era

Oh I am hurting… This guy went from having killer hair in the 70’s..typically rock 70’s look. Obviously when we get older, the hair may thin or pack it’s bags and get on the next train out of town. But Diamond Dave’s got the money to fund it and fix it! But during the last
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Billy Idol kicking out some Van Halen! JUMP & ATBL

Billy Idol. What can you say? This guy is 59 years old and in probably better shape than 99% of the people his age! Here he is singing some Van Halen covers and rocking out! [hmtad name=”Adsense Unit 2″ align=”center”] [hmtad name=”Adsense Unit 1″ align=”center”]

David Lee Roth discusses Grunge, Gay, and Van Halen

From Roth blamed the grunge scene for turning fans off of his live show, saying, “Two words: Kurt Cobain. I went from playing to 12,000 people to 1,200. From arenas to casinos and state fairs and the local House Of Blues. That will cause you to reflect a lot more clearly on your values.
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David Lee Roth wants Michael back!

David Lee Roth recently sat down with Rolling Stone magazine about the lack of communication coming from  the Van Halen camp and his opinion of one of the greatest tenor voices in Rock and Roll Michael Anthony!  “What we have at our fingertips is arguably one of the greatest high tenor voices ever — that
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