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Is Gene Simmons still right? Is "Rock Dead?"

“rock is dead” “There’s every bit as much talent out there as there [was] when we first started, but the new bands have to live in their mother’s basement because they can’t afford to do this full time, because people are just filesharing and downloading,” he continued. “And that’s their prerogative — we allowed it
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Gene Simmons gets called out by his son!

  (If you like this “Like it and share it :P) Not sure how tough it would be to grow up being the son of a famous and very wealthy Dad. It had to have more perks than downfalls. I can only imagine that every once in a while you would grow tired of spending money
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KISS unplugged 2015. Ouch. Gene calls out Paul

on his vocals.. The band KISS has been a life long “hero” band of mine. Well since my little brother somehow talked our Grandmother into buying KISS ALIVE I way back in the day. I remember clearly her asking David if this was the band that sang about “nasty” stuff. He said it wasn’t so
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KISS comes to Cadillac High School 1975

And this is why KISS rules the world! If you missed the KISS era mid 70’s you pretty much have missed the best time for rock and roll. A school football team is losing game after game. The coach decides to pep up the players by playing some rock and roll on 8 tracks in
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KISS in the 80's... Where they ever subtle? lol

KICKACTS EXTREME…  80’s extreme that is/ MTv was everywhere. Visual meltdown! [hmtad name=”Adsense Unit 1″ align=”center”]   [hmtad name=”Adsense Unit 2″ align=”center”]   [hmtad name=”Additional Ad Unit 1″ align=”center”]

Gene Simmons said ..."Rock is Dead"

He recently did an interview with Nick Simmons for Esquire magazine… Gene’s advice for future rock stars is to “not quit your day job”.  I actually think he is right about this one. The Rock music business is in shambles. Comments welcome and expected from fellow musicians :). chuck Here’s an excerpt. “Don’t quit your day
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Preview Paul Stanley's Memoir

“The tour was horrible. Constant drudgery and misery. We spent all of our energy trying to coax Peter and Ace out of their hotel rooms. Ace sucker-punched Tommy at one of the shows. Peter had his usual handbook detailing how hotel staff had to treat him and which windows had to be covered with tinfoil
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