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Preview Paul Stanley's Memoir

“The tour was horrible. Constant drudgery and misery. We spent all of our energy trying to coax Peter and Ace out of their hotel rooms. Ace sucker-punched Tommy at one of the shows. Peter had his usual handbook detailing how hotel staff had to treat him and which windows had to be covered with tinfoil
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Peter Criss/Ace Frehley "Always hired hands"

According to Richie Wise, who co-produced the first two Kiss albums. Here is an excerpt. “There was never a doubt from moment one in Gene and Paul, in their minds, that they were going to do this, they were going to do it this way and they were going to be Kiss,” Wise tells Kiss
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KISS Time Traveler. Check out this Youtube video and watch KISS go back in time and become a real rock band! 🙂 Love them or hate them the have made a huge difference in music and influenced a lot of other bands!

My review of Kiss's new album "MONSTER"

So there is a leaked copy of it floating around the net, so I checked it out… First off. I am a huge KISS fan from way back when they ruled the world. I stuck with them from ALIVE 1and through the disco era “Dynasty” which I thought was a great album by the way.
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