A real Henderson Haunting?

Though my Grandpa passed away earlier this year at the age of 95. He always stuck by this story… This is a true story about my Grandpa and what he said he saw..He lived in the apartment for 14 years and according to him, started seeing ghosts….He told me it was scaring him even though
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Steven Tyler has abandoned Aerosmith " The band says!

After 40 years and a lot of hits,misses and rocky roads. Is Aerosmith really over? chuck [hmtad name=”Adsense Unit 1″ align=”center”] From; Taste of Country Please support our sponsors! Are you near the Madisonville area? Be sure and go by DAVE’S STICKY PIG BBQ! The rock band was originally slated to play shows in early 2016,
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Wow, another fake Bigfoot sighting...Go figure

Jessh, it’s 2012 almost 2013 if the Mayans‘ are wrong and the elusive Bigfoot still won’t allow photographs of himself. Hell, if he exists in reality, other than “in the pot” as my brother in rehab says, he has kept his face hidden better than KISS did back in the 70’s! So here is another
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