June 2014

KickActs interviews Carrie Lane!

Welcome to Kick Acts. Tell us a little about yourself and were you can be found online.   What people don’t know about me is that I am a complete goofball. I have been getting messages from people I haven’t seen in years saying how impressed they are by all the things they see me
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QUEEN & Adam Lambert Chicago 06/19/2014 vids

I guess about the only thing I find annoying about Adam Lambert singing with QUEEN is that Adam is not moving around… Almost like he’s not really into it at all….opinions from Minions? chuck I got the videos off Youtube, hat tip to…cos2mwiz

Once "the Greatest Band in the Land" How much more...

money can they get out of people?? From selling KISS coffins to KISS condoms. You can buy busted concert guitars for $5,500.00 and used Microphones ($3,000.00) from each show. KISS Kruises and KISS coffee. KISS this and KISS that… For the past few years they have offered VIP “Meet and Greets” before the shows. I can
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KickActs interviews Eric Seevers of  "Social 66"

  Welcome to Kick Acts. Tell us a little about yourself and were you can be found online. My name is Eric Seevers, I play bass guitar for Social 66 we can be found @ www.facebook.com/social66band www.reverbnation.com/social66 www.youtube.com itunes soundcloud  etc.. Who are your musical heroes and influences? Why? For me personally I grew up listening
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Guys, You want women to wear these, but do you have the

    balls (literally) to wear something like this? Apparently this is the “new” C string (what does the “C” stand for???) bikini for men and it’s catching on. Before you say no way, remember we have come to expect women to be completely comfortable and basically naked while on the beach so we guys and maybe some
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(Hed)p.e. To Release New Album "Evolution" on July 22nd!

Metal, Rasta, Punk infused heavyweights *(Hed)p.e.* have inked a worldwide deal with Pavement Entertainment. The band’s 9th studio album aptly titled “Evolution” is finished and will be released on July 22, 2014. This new album sees *(Hed)p.e.*returning to its heavier roots that fans have come to admire over the band’s lengthy career. *”(Hed)pe is stoked
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KickActs interviews Tim Jones of "Feel Never Real"

(please comment/Like on Facebook and share) Welcome to Kick Acts. Tell us a little about yourself and were you can be found online. Well we’re a three piece band from the state of Texas and we can be found on many sites online but our primary 3 are ReverbNation Twitter and Facebook those sites are
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